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New IPhone App—Breast Health GPS, A very cool tool!

“Breast Health GPS,” Pinpoints Medical Facilities and Provides Access to Latest Research

Belleville, New Jersey  – There are IPhone apps for organizing a household budget, planning a vacation, even getting you from point A to point B on New York’s subway, now there’s an app designed to save lives. It’s called Breast Health GPS and it uses the latest technology to help women locate the closest medical facilities providing Mammography and other Breast Health services.
The new IPhone app is free and was developed by the Breast Health & Healing Foundation, (BHH&F), a 501(3)(c) non-profit foundation founded by Dr. Kathleen T. Ruddy, a breast cancer surgeon.

Using the Breast Health GPS is easy. Once you’ve downloaded the app onto your IPhone, click on the main icon to reveal medical facilities close to your current location or enter an area code to find a facility anywhere in the U.S. In addition the app contains other important features. Among them is a direction link to the Breast Health and Healing Foundation’s website, an important resource providing critical information about women’s health, Dr Ruddy’s blog and up-to-date information about the progress of breast cancer research that is bringing us closer to finding a cure.

“Now is the time to marshal our resources, refine our approach, and direct our efforts towards finding the underlying cause of the disease,” said Dr. Ruddy, Founder of BHH&F. “The Breast Health GPS is a new weapon in that fight.”

Promoting research is at the core of what BHH&F is all about. The mission of the foundation is to discover the causes of breast cancer and to use that knowledge to prevent the disease. The foundation supports research pursuing the underlying causes of the disease so that some day breast cancer will be thing of the past.

Everyday breast cancer claims the lives of scores of women around the globe. It’s estimated that in 2010 more than 1.3 million women worldwide will contract the disease and tens of thousands will die from it. Despite tens of millions spent on research the epidemic continues to grow and grim statistics remain a reality

To download the Breast Health GPS app onto your IPhone you’ll need an ITunes account and be connected to the internet. From your IPhone go to the App Store, enter “Breast Health GPS” in the search bar. Once the App appears click the download button to begin the installation process. Once you download an application it’s immediately installed on your IPhone.

About the Breast Health & Healing Foundation
The Breast Health & Healing Foundation is a 501(3)(c)tax exempt non-profit foundation. The mission of the Foundation is to discover the specific causes of breast cancer and to use that knowledge to prevent the disease.

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