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What is an Architect of Change?

As I pondered this question from a recent women’s conference my mind was a total blank. Then ideas came flooding in so fast that I could barely keep up in mind much less write or type it! What I came up with is that to be an architect of change, you have to have some type of vision,  a willingness to do something different, create something different. Then I thought about one of the smallest books of the bible…Habakkur.  Remember,  Habakkur was told to write his vision and make it plain on tablets and though it might tarry, to wait for it. Becoming an architect of change  for this business means that we are trying to make a difference in the way women think about their health, their overall well being. It means that we go the extra distance to help those in need and in turn those in need learn to help themselves, becoming architects of change themselves. It gives new meaning to paying it forward. It means that our product and services could possibly help save a life, change a life. Services and Products that were created to be  architects of change, because it removes the fear, the unknown and the shame of doing a breast self exam.  Yes, shame! Some women for one reason or another, be it religious or otherwise are taught to never touch or feel their breasts, that it is wrong. We are changing that mindset, one woman at a time. In our recent newsletter, we said that the best exercise for the heart is to reach back and help pick someone up. Never has this statement been so true in these times, when there is so much that we must do to help women feel better about themselves.  All of these things is what being an architect of change means,  effecting change in how we think about breast self exams and our health. Our hope is that one day there will be a cure for breast cancer, ovarian cancer, etc. Our vision until there is a cure is that The Breast Chek Kit will be the architect of change that helps educate women on the belief  that early detection really does save lives.

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